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David Lewis’ presentation on Collections Futures

Peter Murray (aka the Disruptive Library Technology Jester) has provided an audio-overlay of David Lewis’ slideshare of his plenary at the last June’s RLG Annual Partners meeting. If you are at all interested in understanding the future of academic libraries,

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Librarians are *the* search experts…

…so I wonder how many librarians know all of the tips and tricks for using Google that are mentioned here?

Putting a library in Starbucks

It is not uncommon to find a coffee shop in a library these days. Turn that concept around, though – would you expect a library inside a Starbucks? Or maybe that’s the wrong question – how would you react to

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PIL report on how college students seek information

The iSchool at the University of Washington has released a report entitled “Lessons Learned: How College Students Seek Information in the Digital Age”. This is a very interesting report, and provides a number of facets to consider in relation to

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Amazon now rules eBooks, and Libraries should pay attention (or, why I’m not worried that Amazon will say “All your book are belong to us”, and even if they do, why it doesn’t matter)

Amazon got it right – again. Today, they released a Kindle app for the iPhone, thereby allowing iPhone users to access Amazon’s eBook collection. This is big; iPhone owners were already reading eBooks on their devices using one of a

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Global Research Libraries 2020

Last week I attended the 3rd Global Research Libraries 2020 workshop, held this year in Taipai, Taiwan. GRL2020 is an event where the participants submit brief position papers (pdf) prior to the meeting, and then present and discuss their activities

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Copying vs. Understanding

I’ve been catching up on my newsreader, and finally got to this post from the blog Signal vs. Noise. In summary, the post talks about what is lost when you copy a user interface – you lose the understanding of

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