Year: 2009

PIL report on how college students seek information

The iSchool at the University of Washington has released a report entitled “Lessons Learned: How College Students Seek Information in the Digital Age”. This is a very interesting report, and provides a number of facets to consider in relation to

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JISC guide to microblogging

JISC has posted a guide to microblogging – what it is, why you might want to, and how you should. Excellent stuff.

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To purposely restrict internet access

Lorcan posted a video from JISC regarding the library of the future (a nice video – worth 9 minutes of your day, IMHO). One of the interviewees in the video mentions that she goes to the library to do research

Mobile Access to the Library at Oregon State

Oregon State University’s Library continues to impress with it’s web presence. This morning I discovered they are providing a mobile version of their web presence. Check out the announcement on their main web page and the very nice Mobile Libraries

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Installing Django on Leopard

Here are the steps I went through to install Django on Mac OSX Leopard: First, I followed the steps on this page to get IDLE support (which I may or may not use, but I figured couldn’t hurt). I then

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Open Library Data and OCLC

OCLC has announced that it is moving forward with a strategy to provide most if not all of the services that current integrated library systems provide (i.e. circulation, acquisitions, license management, etc.). I won’t go into the details (you can

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Code4Lib Journal article on OAI-ORE

The latest issue of the Code4Lib Journal has an excellent article by David Tarrant et al detailing the use of OAI-ORE to enable the transferrence of repository objects from one repository solution to another. This, IMHO, is the first write-up

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Trip Report – CNI Spring Task Force Meeting

Last week I attended the CNI Spring Task Force Meeting in Minneapolis. I look forward to CNI meetings, as generally the programs are quite strong and diverse – usually there are at least two or three sessions that I find

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JISC International Repositories Workshop – some links

A couple of additional blog posts on the workshop – Maurice Vanderfeesten writes up his experience, with an identifiers focus, and Chris Rusbridge posts his take on the workshop.

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JISC Conference 2009

JISC just held its annual one-day conference, this year in Edinburgh. There appears to be quite a few interesting sessions; luckily for those of us who didn’t attend, JISC has put out the audio (and with the keynotes, video) of

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