David Lewis’ presentation on Collections Futures

Peter Murray (aka the Disruptive Library Technology Jester) has provided an audio-overlay of David Lewis’ slideshare of his plenary at the last June’s RLG Annual Partners meeting. If you are at all interested in understanding the future of academic libraries, you should take an hour of your time and listen to this presentation. Of particular note, because David says it almost in passing, is that academic libraries are moving away from being collectors of information to being provisioners of information – the difference being that instead of purchasing everything that might be used, academic libraries instead are moving to ensuring that there is a path for provisioning access to materials that actually requested for use by their users. Again, well worth an hour of your time.

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1 Comment on “David Lewis’ presentation on Collections Futures

  1. Thanks for linking to the presentation, Jeremy. I agree that it is a useful hour to watch and to listen. I’m glad you gave it some more visibility.

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