The new iPad

I decided that it was time to upgrade my original iPad, so I pre-ordered a new iPad, which arrived this past Friday. After a few days, here are my initial thoughts / observations:

  • Compared to the original iPad, the new iPad is a huge improvement. Much zipper, feels lighter (compared to the original), and of course the display is fantastic.
  • I’ve just briefly tried the dictation feature, and though I haven’t used it extensively yet, the accuracy seems pretty darned good. I wonder if a future update will support Siri?
  • The beauty of the display cannot be understated – crisp, clear (especially for someone with aging eyes)
  • I purchased a 32-Gb model with LTE, but I have not tried the cell network yet. I did see 4G show up, so I’m hoping that Tucson indeed has the newer network.
  • Not really new, but going from the original iPad to the new iPad, I really like the smart cover approach. Ditto with the form factor.
  • Again, not specific to the new model, the ability to access my music, videos, and apps via iCloud means that I can utilize the storage on the iPad more effectively.
  • All-in-all, I can see myself using the new iPad consistently for a variety of tasks, not just for consuming information. Point-in-fact, this post was written with the new iPad.

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    1. I also went from gen 1 to gen 3 iPad and I love it.

      I have been able to try Verizon LTE in MSP and it is breathtaking (16Mbps up, 9 Mbps down), way better than my home WiFi, in fact. Of course, I won’t be using it much since I want to stay below a 1Gb cap. In addition to the screen, which is amazing, I love the additional RAM. I’d gotten used to many crashes per day on my old iPad, but the new iPad has been solid and I think the additional RAM has a lot to do with that.

      I found the new iPad fit into a gen 2 case from Yoobao very nicely (I loved the old iPad case, and the Yoobao was as close to
      that as I could get, and leather, and not very expensive).

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