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Wordpress LogoAfter an extended experiment with iWeb and .mac (now MobileMe), I have decided to move the blog back over to WordPress. While I was enchanted with the .mac / MobileMe concept, it ended up being more hassle than added value. iWeb is not a robusts application – it tries to accomodate too much, and ends up not accomodating anything well. It’s biggest downfall is the fact that you have to keep your blog on one computer – since it is application based, and the application keeps all of the blog data local to the machine, you are basically stuck working on your blog from one machine. One thing I like about wordpress is that all of the blog-updating, etc. is done from the server, therefore I can add an entry from whatever machine or device I have handy (including my iphone, ironically).

My goal is to lower the barriers of writing to the blog, and I don’t anticipate changing the platform again anytime soon. Of the various platforms that I have worked with, WordPress seems to have the right balance of features and convenience, relative to the effort to install and maintain it. So, you may see me twiddle with the theme and other secondary features, but otherwise, WordPress it is.

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